Project organisation

The steering group assists Samenlevingsopbouw and the project coordinator during the development of the project. The steering group formulates the project outlines, supervises their implementation, monitors project goals and limitations and is in charge of the decision making process. It is composed by organisations that operate within the neighbourhood, know it and make their own expertise available and, together with the other partners, are responsible for the implementation of sub projects.

The following structural partners are involved in the project:

  • Samenlevingsopbouw Gent vzw
  • Gebiedsgerichte werking stad Gent (City of Ghent area specific operations)
  • Aclagro nv
  • Residents
  • Jeugddienst stad Gent (City of Ghent Youth Services)

Project partners

  • Wijkgezondheidscentrum Rabot (Rabot healthcare centre)
  • Sociale kruidenier vzw (Social supermarket NPO)
  • Eetcafé Toreke vzw (Toreke eatery NPO)
  • Velt vzw
  • Turkse vrouwengroep (Turkish women’s group)
  • Vzw Jong
  • Various residents groups (Boerenhof, Transitie, Jonk Rabot, Plezante doeners, etc.)
  • De Loods organic farm
  • Rabot food teams
  • Villa Voortman
  • Vzw de Totem
  • Vzw Domos
  • Dienst buurtwerk (community work)
  • Kompas, Mandala, Kaho schools
  • Tierlantuin day nursery
  • vzw Rocsa

Ghent urban horticulture working group

It is important to share knowledge and exchange experiences. An urban network was set up to enable interested parties and/or experts to exchange ideas, information and experiences concerning various horticultural and agricultural initiatives in the Ghent area. The Site contributes to this initiative hoping to see the urban horticulture concept develop not only as a foundation for economic output but also as a promoter of significant social output and solidarity.