short chain

The Site comprises 2 urban horticulture plots providing 3000 m² of fertile soil. The fields are currently used for experiments relating to short chain horticulture.

Short chain implies that the vegetable harvest is sold locally in the same neighbourhood. Vegetables grown on the urban horticulture plots are sent directly to the social supermarket and the Toreke eatery, two projects located in the Rabot neighbourhood. Not only does this enable us to guarantee unequalled freshness, we do not generate transport related pollution, we don’t have to run refrigerators to store the vegetables, etc. Moreover, various vegetables are bottled, made into pesto, jam, etc. Processed products are sold in the neighbourhood via the Food Team, the social supermarket and direct to residents.

To put it in a nutshell – everyone benefits from short chain horticulture. The most significant advantage of urban horticulture in fact!

As presented by Peter Goes.