Furnished with a bread oven and barbecue equipment

The Site is furnished with a bread oven and barbecue equipment.

The female Turkish population had been asking for a bread oven for years and in 2012 it finally became a reality. We bought a small container to house the oven and any waste wood collected at the Site is dried and used to bake bread.

If you would like to use the bread oven – no problem. Residents of the Rabot neighbourhood can use it free of charge, but we do ask for a 15 euro deposit, which is refunded providing the oven is left in a clean condition. People from outside the neighbourhood pay a 20 euro deposit and are refunded 15 euro providing they leave the oven in a clean condition.

The picnic tables sited around the bread oven can also be used.

Inside the container there is a fantastic barbecue, which can be used on the same basis as the bread oven. Again we ask for a 15 euro deposit.

We recommend that you book the oven or the barbecue in good time!

To make a reservation for the BBQ please contact Wannes.