Witte Kaproenenplein neighbourhood garden

A long term project with participation from local residents, Studio Basta landscape architects and urban services (work, reflect, manage together...), is gradually transforming and enhancing the area around Witte Kaproenenplein (new planting, new functional purpose, etc).

Residents not only have the opportunity to indicate what changes they would like to see in their environment, they can also play a crucial part in the realisation and management of green zones.

This approach is leading to actual spatial improvements, social cohesion and a laboratory for sustainable developments at a later stage.

  • spatial developments:
    (small scale enhancements – new layouts – spatial management...)
  • social developments:
    (cooperation / meetings – joint reflection – joint decisions)
  • developments in spatial organisation (laboratory function)
    (evaluation of the use of new facilities produces a ‘lived in’ model for the neighbourhood)

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